tonsil stones bleedingTonsil Stones Bleeding often occurs when tonsil stones are being removed from the tonsils. Typically tonsil stones are not very dangerous and cause few if any health concerns. Bleeding tonsil stones is a serious matter. Blood means that these stones have become excessively large or have lodged themselves into some deep recesses of the mouth, throat, or tonsil areas. This is a matter that needs to be addressed.

Tonsil Stones occurs when substances such as mucus, phlegm, food particles, and bacteria come together and get stuck in the tonsils. Overtime debris hardens, or calcifies over time and they may form tonsil stones. Most of the time when tonsil stones bleeding occurs means that they have grown to a large extent. Small tonsil stones remain unnoticed and only get discovered once a person under goes x-rays or some sort of medical procedure. However if you have tonsil stones bleeding then this can mean damage to that tissue and a stone so large that it may cause some side effects

Tonsil Stones Bleeding

Tonsil stones that have grown bigger can cause halitosis, choking, swallowing problems, and coughing fits. Necessary actions should be taken once you experience uncomfortable side effects because of tonsil stones bleeding.

It is quite surprising that you can remove the tonsil stones yourself as long as you can see them clearly. Tonsil stones can be removed from the soft tissue where it got lodged with the help of a small cutting instrument and a magnifying glass with a small light can help lead the way. It is good to seek out a dentist if you have tonsil stones bleeding.

Tonsil Stones Bleeding – Removing Tonsil Stones

Bleeding tonsil stones may require more than just a removal from a small instrument, it may require stitching up that specific area to close the bleeding. It’s also important that the area be treated with any necessary medications to make sure that no infection sets in. It is a specific antibiotic that is taken orally over a specific period. Tonsillectomy may be required if the tonsil stones bleeding are already severe.

Preventing Tonsil Stones Bleeding

Necessary steps be taken to avoid tonsil stones bleeding. To ensure that these elements don’t cause any health issues, oral hygiene is a must. Gargling as well as flossing and brushing is very important. Typically when tonsil stones are bleeding this means they’ve been allowed to grow to a point where they are tearing through the soft tissue, and this may signal poor oral hygiene As a precautionary measure it is advisable that you see the dentist regularly to have the small tonsil stones removed before they grow any larger.

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